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The National Curriculum for primary schools has undergone major changes, which were implemented from September 2014. At Riversdale Primary School, we aim to provide a balanced, broad and inclusive curriculum which stimulates and challenges all children to learn.

Riversdale Primary School teaches children through topics which are linked to a class reading book, providing students with an engaging context for their learning. We call this the Power of Reading. The objectives for all subjects are taken from the 2014 National Curriculum, and have been purposefully allocated to each year group to ensure that there is sufficient coverage and progression across the school.

Each year, the children will be taught new skills and acquire new knowledge, along with deepening their understanding of each area of the curriculum. Riversdale is very lucky to have art, language, sports, dance, drama and music specialists working within the school, to help the children develop a love of learning in a variety of different subject areas. 


Phonics is taught at the school from the Early Years/Foundation Stage through to the end of Key Stage 1/start of Key Stage 2 (where appropriate). As a school we utilise the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme, as this best suits the needs of our students. To learn more about how Riversdale uses Letters and Sounds, take a look here.


For mathematics, the school utilises the Singapore Maths methodology in Years 1 - 5, with Year 6 applying their learning to new concepts and preparation for examinations. To learn more about Singapore Maths, take a look here.

Additionally, we believe strongly that for the children to succeed in their mathematics work, a strong knowledge of number bonds and themes tables are essential. If your child is struggling with learning their times tables, often we find that putting these to music can help. Take a look at this link, produced by some of our parents, for some great times table songs. 

Extra Curricular:

We strongly believe that education is not restricted to the gaining of knowledge. We work with children to foster self-esteem and confidence, as we believe that education includes the personal development of each child as an individual.

To this end, SMSC is embedded throughout the curriculum, ensuring high quality spiritual, moral, social and cultural development in all subject areas. As a UNICEF rights respecting school, we also acknowledge the importance of developing students’ awareness of global citizenship and the rights and responsibilities that we all have, to ensure a positive future for all.

Curriculum Area Policies

Below you will find the Riversdale Primary School Curriculum Policy and the curriculum maps for each year group. Take a peek at what the children are studying this year.

Each subject area has its own policy at Riversdale, as we believe that each and every one is important in its own right. We believe strongly in providing the students with a broad, balanced and engaging learning experience, and so, each curriculum area policy has been carefully considered to ensure that our provision suits the varying needs of our students. 

Below you will find these policies:

Below you will find the English policies:

Curriculum Maps

Below, you will find the Long Term Curriculum Plans for each year group, as well as PE. For Medium Terms Plan, please see the Year Group Blogs section of the school website.

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