Riversdale Primary School has a growing Parents’ and Teachers’ Co-operative (PTC), and all parents and carers who have children at the school are automatically members. As a member, you are invited to participate in several events across the year. It’s an opportunity to meet other parents, get a better understanding of the school and support Riversdale Primary.

All the money raised by the PTC goes directly to the school. The PTC run their own friendly, informative website, including news, projects and how you can become involved. Click on the link here.

How to get involved

There are many ways you can support your child through the PTC:

  • Attend PTC meetings and functions
  • Bake cakes, donate prizes, buy and sell raffle tickets
  • Help out at events - many hands make light work!
  • Send in your ideas on how to raise money and improve school life.
  • Be a Class Rep.

How we raise money

Most of the money raised is through scheduled events. The two key events of the year are the Christmas Fair and the Summer Fair. However, throughout the year we also run cake sales, blue bag clothes collections, book sales and other seasonal events, such as those celebrating Eid, Bonfire Night and the Wimbledon Tennis tournament.

How we spend the money raised

The PTC and the school jointly agree how any funds should be spent. Every penny is put to good use. For example, at the beginning of the school year, the PTC contributed £5000 toward the stage lighting and sound equipment, and gave each class teacher £100 to spend on teaching materials of their choice.

Our Meetings

The PTC meets regularly several times each term at 9am to plan events for the children and their families to enjoy.

We are always looking for new mums and dads to join us and share their thoughts and talents – so please get in touch! You can speak to any of the class reps to find out more. The meetings last about an hour and everybody is welcome (including small children if you happen to have one in tow – there are usually some biscuits to keep them happy!). It’s a great way for parents to hear in more detail about future events and how you can help. Please take the time to register – it’s the best way for us to keep you informed.

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Useful Links for Parents

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