Wrap Around Care

At Riversdale Primary School, we are proud to deliver our own Wraparound Care Package tailored to the needs of our school community. Our various offerings begin from 7:45 and conclude at 18:00. Please see below for more information. 

Breakfast Club

Our very popular Breakfast Club has been running for many years and supported many families. The sessions begin at 7:45am until 8:45am where the children are then escorted to their classes by the staff. Parent/carers can drop their children off at any time after 7:45am. Breakfast Club bookings are done through our Weduc app and can be made anytime up until 8:45am on the day. 

Children have the option of toast (with a number of delicious toppings) or cereal with either fruit juice or water. 

The sessions are run by Riversdale staff, thus ensuring that the children have a level of care that is consistent with the school and it's expectations and values. During this time, staff will supervise homework or reading and set out a range of toys/games which children can imaginatively play with.

The cost of Breakfast Club, as of September 2022, is £4.50 per day, per child. 

Bailey After School Care

Our successful Bailey After School Care programme (named after the architects that designed the school building) is held between 3:15pm and 6:00pm during term time.

As with Breakfast Club, the sessions are run by Riversdale staff, thus ensuring that the children have a level of care that is consistent with the school and it's expectations and values. Staff run activities each day which children can choose to take part in, as well as supervising homework, reading, provide an afternoon tea, and setting out a range of toys/games which children can imaginatively play with.

Our desire is for children to have fun but also rest if they need to, and for parents to be reassured that their children are well supervised and enjoying their after school time. To this end, the programme is available for children from Nursery upwards, but the care is split into groups for 3-7 year olds and 7-11 year olds. This is done in order to cater to the differing needs of each age group. 

We utilise a number of areas within the school, but the programme is run mainly through the downstairs hall area and the dining hall. Where appropriate, the children will also have access to facilities such as the AstroTurf and the various Soft Play areas within the school. This will supervised by the staff also.  

We recognise that many children would like to take part in the range of fantastic after school clubs on offer and so the programme has been designed to take this into account. Children are able to take part in clubs from 3:15-4:30pm and then join the after school care service. In this instance, the cost for Bailey's remains the same, but the after school club is provided for free, as long as Bailey's has been booked in advance. 

Booking is done through our Weduc app, and parents/carers can choose from either an Early Session, or Full Session, depending on their needs.

Prices are as follows:

  • 3:15 pm - 4:30 pm Early Session is £8.00
  • 3:15 pm - 6:00 pm Full Session is £13.50.

During their time at Bailey After School Care, children are provided with refreshments as well as a light snack/meal.

Off the Grid

Off the Grid is our holiday childcare package. The programme is run in a similar manner to Bailey's After School Care but runs during specified holidays, including the summer. Unlike Bailey's however, these weeks are specifically themed and activities are designed around this theme. In the past, this has included a trip.

Booking is done through the Weduc app. Costings are available on the Weduc app at the time of booking and parents/carers will be notified when the bookings will be available.

Please note that for these sessions there will be a clear cut off for bookings to ensure that the staff to pupil ratio is suitable in meeting health and safety regulations.

Late Collection & Booking Fees

In the event that you make a booking after the 8:45am cut off for Breakfast Club OR the 10am cut off for Bailey's, the school will charge a late booking fee of £8.00 to cover the additional administration and on-costs associated with this.

In the event that your child is collected after the allotted time (4:30pm for an Early Session and 6pm for a Full Session), a late collection charge will be issued to cover the additional staffing and on-costs associated with this. The charges will be scaled as per the following:

1 - 15 minutes late collection: £8.00

15 - 30 minutes late collection: £15.00 

An additional £15.00 will then be charged for each additional 15 minutes.

Please note: If a late booking or collection fee is applicable, parents/carers can not make use of the wraparound care servuce until this is paid. 

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