Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Intent

At Riversdale Primary school, we aim to deliver an ambitious curriculum that equips all of our pupils with the attributes needed to successfully embark on the next stage of their education and to ultimately become successful local, national and global citizens.

Our curriculum is designed around the principles of Head, Hand and Heart. These principles ensure that pupils not only acquire the relevant knowledge as outlined within the National Curriculum (Head), but that they develop the necessary skills to access the world around them (Hand), and foster an ability to build positive and healthy relationships, around a foundation of empathy and love (Heart). 

Our broad and balanced curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on prior learning, thus aiming for a deeper understanding of content and mastery of skills. We believe strongly in the importance of providing access to a wide range of subjects, as this enables pupils to find and nurture their individual areas of interest, leading towards a lifelong love of learning. 

All children are unique, bringing with them individual starting points, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities. As such, our curriculum is adapted, where necessary, to successfully meet the needs of all children in our school. Furthermore, we recognise the significance of a curriculum that reflects the diverse nature of our community. To this end, four main themes have been identified and built into the curriculum, building a picture of where we have come from, where we are going, and how we can get there as a whole school community. 

The academic achievement and wellbeing of our pupils is key to our curriculum offer, therefore we regularly review our provision to ensure that it is relevant, engaging and challenging for all.

Curriculum Planning

In consultation with year group teams, subject and senior leaders have developed overviews of the learning that will take place throughout the year. Although these may be slightly adapted in order to respond to the needs of the children or to reflect current events, these provide a clear outline of what substantive knowledge and disciplinary skills are taught across the curriculum, in each year group. As well as this, the curriculum planning carefully considers what knowledge and skills from previous years are being further developed and consolidated, ensuring clear progression over time. 

An aspect of the Riversdale curriculum that sets us apart from other schools, is the focus on developing "the whole child". As such, our curriculum planning also includes how we aim to develop their emotional intelligence and encourage positive citizenship, using the school values as a platform. 

Below you will find our most up-to-date curriculum documentation:

Academic Year 2023-24:

Early Years

Years 1 - 6

Autumn 1:

Autumn 2:

Spring 1:

Spring 2:

Summer 1:

Curriculum Policy

You can find out more about our school's curriculum in our curriculum policy here, which identifies aims, roles and responsibilities, organisation and planning, inclusion and monitoring of the school curriculum. 

For our Early Years and Foundation Stage Policy, please read more here.

Curriculum Area Policies

At Riversdale, we believe in a broad and balanced curriculum and that every subject is important. As such, you will find a teaching and learning policy for each subejct area on their dedicated webpages. Each policy has been carefully considered to ensure that our provision reflects our inclusive ethos and that children can see themselves reflected in their learnin, whilst addressing the Head, Hand and Heart principles.

The National Curriculum

Further information about the national curriculum can be found on the UK government website, here.

Further information about the RSE national curriculum update can be found on the UK government website, here.

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