Art and Design

Art, craft and design are some of the most engaging and inspiring forms of creativity. At Riversdale, we aim to provide a high-quality art and design curriculum that equips our pupils with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art. Our curriculum encompasses a range of skills including drawing, painting, scultpure and collage and it encourages the pupils to think critically about their work and the work of others, developing a more rigorous understanding of art and design over time.

Throughout the curriculum, the pupils will explore a wide range of artists from varying backgrounds, learning how both art and design reflect and shape our history and contribute to our modern-day culture.

Curriculum Progression

At Riversdale Primary School we believe in the importance of all children developing a deep understanding of Art & Design and in embedding the substantive knowledge and disciplinary skills into their long-term memory. As such, the progression of Art & Design has been carefully mapped, with a consideration to connected subject matter and opportunities to revisit specific concepts over time.

You can find a copy of the Art & Design Progression Document here

Lesson Delivery

All children are taught by a specialist art teacher, in dedicated art lessons once a week. They are given the opportunity to experiment with a range of media and techniques, specialising in drawing, painting and sculpture, as well as alternating between printing and collage each year. Pupils develop a wide range of domain specific knowledge and skills, including concepts such as colour theory and composition, making links to the work of various artists.

Each half term, pupils are provided with a Knowledge Organiser that outlines the sequence of lessons, so that pupils know what they are studying, a list of the most significant knowledge that they should gain, as well as the subject specific terminology that they are expected to learn and use. We also include images of key concepts, or significant artists to provide additional context for the pupils. You can find some examples of Spring 2 Knowledge Organisers for Art and Design below:

Outside of the curriculum, we develop the children’s art skills, through a number of in-house art events and competitions. We also share the children’s art work by taking part in local and national competitions and community events. There is also an art club that children can attend, and children have the opportunity to help with activities such as set design for a range of school productions, such as the Drama Club end of year show and the Year 6 Leavers’ Production.

Curriculum Policies

Please find our Art & Design policy below:

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