Sporting Events


On Wednesday 26th June we took 8 students to Southfields Academy to take part in a panathlon tournament which consisted of playing many inclusive games such as: Poly bat, Bocce and New Age Kurling. The children had  a fantastic day learning how to play the new sports. The schools were split into two teams due to a large amount of schools participating on the day. We were placed in Team 1 and overall we came second in our group so all the children received a silver medal. Overall with both teams combined we came 3rd out of 15 schools and therefore received another bronze medal, a framed certificate and a glass trophy to add to the cabinet! Welldone Riversdale!

Year 6 Bowls at Wimbledon Park

On Monday 24th June, we were very lucky to have been given the chance to play bowls at Wimbledon Park with some of the locals who play the sport at a competitive level. The children were taught the rules of the game and we are able to have a few games themselves. Overall, it was  a lovely day and all the children learnt something new and the instructors who were running the bowls all commented on what lovely children the Year 6 children were. 


Year 5/6 Quad Kids Competition

On Wednesday 19th June we took 9 pupils to Southfields Academy to take part in some athletics events. The events consisted of: Long jump, 75m sprint, 600m run and Vortex throw. All of the pupils had a great day and achieved some great personal best scores.

Alternative Sports Week

We had an amazing alternative sports week starting on 17th June -20th June. All the children loved taking part in the different inclusive activities such as: Tri golf, New Age Kurling, Spooner Boards, Archery, Wave Boards, Bocce, Fencing, Astroturf Games and Kayaking. Below are some pictures from the week.  



Basketball Wandsworth Finals

On 12th June, we took 5 children to the basketball finals which they qualified for a couple of weeks ago. The selected children played a round robin tournament in which they played 3 games; all of which they won. Therefore they were put through to the semi finals and again they won. In the finals we played for 10 mins and I am pleased to say we WON! Therefore, Riversdale won all their matches and we all won gold medals. We are now through the London Finals taking place at Crystal Palace Sports Centre in July. Welldone!!



The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools and their Lead PE teacher for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we at Riversdale School are delighted to have been recognised for our success. As part of our application, we were asked to fulfill a large criteria in the areas of participation, competition, workforce and clubs, and we are pleased that the hard work of all the pupils and the members of staff who volunteer to do after school clubs has been rewarded this year. 

 Year 5/6 Basketball Tournament

On Wednesday 22nd May we took a group of children to Southfields Academy after school to play Basketball against other schools in the area. We had an A league and a B league. The B league WON all of their games and therefore came top of their group and won gold medals! The A team also WON all of their games and went through to the finals which they won! Therefore they also came home with gold medals! The evening was a great success and we have now been entered into the next stages of the finals against other London schools! Keep it up Riversdale! 

Year 5/6 Cricket Tournament

On Tuesday 21st May we took a group of children from Years 5 and 6 to take part in the Wandworth Cricket Tournament held at Spencer Cricket Club. It was a lovely day and great to see all of the children having fun in the sun. Overall Riversdale came second place in our group. Well done!

Year 2/3 Mini Tennis Festival

On Wednesday 1st May we took 9 students from Years 2 and 3 to participate in a tennis festival at King Georges Park. The children had fun learning new skills and drills and were able to play with other children from other schools. The activity was ran by All Stars Tennis which is located at King Georges Park. Please note: If your child brings an item with the Riversdale school logo on between 3-5pm on Monday - Friday your child is able to exchange the school item for a tennis racket and balls; so that they are able to use the King Georges Park Tennis Lawn facility for free. At the end of the session you will need to return the racket and ball to get your school item back. 

Year 5/6 Gymnastics Competition

On Wednesday 3rd April we took 13 pupils from Year 5/6 to represent Riversdale School in the gymnastics competition at Southfields Academy. The pupils had a fantastic time watching and learning from other schools showing off their fantastic skills and routines, as well as our school showing the other schools how much effort we had put into all of our routines. Overall the A team came 6th out of a possible 18 and the B team came 4th out of a possible 18; which is a huge achievement due to the level of skill required for this event! We are all very proud!


Year 3/4 Gymnastics Competition  

On Monday 1st April we took 10 pupils from Year 3/4 to represent Riversdale Primary School in the gymnastics competition which was held at Southfields School. The children had to learn a floor routine and complete the vault; which is a large piece of apparatus the children have to jump over. The children put in an enormous effort- attending after school clubs, morning and lunch clubs to put in as much practice possible. The day itself was a huge success with the B team winning their league out of 12 other schools and the A team winning their league out of 23 other schools. All the children had huge smiles on their faces when present with their gold medals and trophies for the school! Well done, I am also proud to say we are through to the national finals where we will be representing Wandsworth Borough!


Rugby Festival

On Friday 1st March we took 11 pupils from Years 3 and 4 to a Rugby Festival which was held at Rosslyn Park. The children were able to use their knowledge and skills of the game that they had been learning from their PE lessons to help win their matches. The children won ALL of their matches and were commented on how well behaved they all were and what great enthusiasm they all had. Welldone! 

Regular Run Track

On Monday 18th February a running club 'GoodGym Wandwsworth' ran from Battersea all the way to Riversdale School to do some voluntary work. In total, there were 30 runners who turned up for half an hour to do some jobs around the school. They were split into four mini teams: one team had to cut the shrubs back in the EYFS playground, one team had to cut down a tree in the EYFS playground, the other team had to reshape the tree tunnel in the EYFS playground and the last group painted a track around our playground for the children to run around as part of their 'Regular Run' challenge. Below is a picture of the running group and all the children enjoying their regular run challenge!

 Sitting Volleyball Tournament

On the 12th February some KS2 children were selected to take part in a sitting volleyball tournament. The children loved learning about the game and enjoyed how inclusive the game was. Overall Riversdale came second! Welldone!

Wimbledon Tennis Workshop

On 12th February EYFS and KS1 all got to participate in a  tennis session led by a Wimbledon Tennis coach. The sessions taught them about hand-eye coordination and the fundamentals of the game. All the children loved playing tennis and had a great day!

Chelsea FC Girls Tournament

On Wednesday 6th February we took 8 girls from Year 6 to a football tournament at Southfields. The girls should all be proud of their efforts and were a great credit to the school! They lost 2 games, won 2 games and drew 2 games overall. Welldone!

Chelsea FC Boys Tournament

On Wednesday 23rd January, we took 8 boys from KS2 to take part in the Chelsea FC tournament held at Southfields Academy. The boys all did amazing and there was  a total of 35 teams who had shown up for the day! Riversdale did fantastic to come third in their group! The scores are as follows: Win: 2,0 / 3-0 / 2-0, Draw 1:1, Lost 2-0, 1-0. The goals are scored by Stanley and Kiyarn! Well done Riversdale!

Chelsea FC Show & Santa

On 14th December, 10 children were taken to Chelsea FC. The children were able to walk around the stadium and then they were able to watch a show called 'The Snow Queen'. The show was a combination of Narnia clashed with Frozen; therefore all of the children loved singing along to the songs. The children then had a surprise visit from Santa; which everyone thoroughly enjoyed!

KS2 Boys Football

On the 4th November, 8 boys were taken to South fields Academy to take part in an AFC Wimbledon Football Tournament, the boys done very well and showed great sportsmanship. The man of the match goes to Stanley who scored 6 goals! Welldone!

Kidz Fit EYFS

The EYFS team were able to take part in the Kidz Fit Workshop at school. The children loved the morning and were able to try out some new exercises and learn how to keep fit and healthy!

Girls Football

On 15th November we took 8 children from year 6 to participate in a  girls football match against other schools in Wandsworth and Merton. The girls all done so well and manged to get past group stages and move to the next round. Overall the girls came 7th out of 24 teams and all should be so proud of themselves.

KIDZ FIT - Healthy Living Workshop

On Tuesday 13th November Years 1-6 were able to take part in activities that involved strength, power, agility and coordination. The children had a fantastic day learning about all the muscles and healthy foods they could eat to keep the healthy and fit. 


Panathlon Competition

On 5th November we took 10 students to the Panathlon tournament held at Southfields Academy. The children got to take part in some inclusive games such as: Table top cricket, boccia, skittles, table tennis, parachute games and lots more. The children worked very well as a team and our school was commented on being a very friendly and polite school. Overall, the children had a fantastic day and learnt lots of new skills and games!

Year 3/4 Girls Football Festival

On Friday 5th October we took a group of girls to Southfields to participate in a girls football festival. The festival was specifically aimed at children to improve their ball coordination and learn different techniques when defending and attacking in game. The festival was also put on to help more girls get into football and ofcourse for everyone to have fun! The girls had an amazing day and were very lucky to meet the special guest 'The Womble Mascot from AFC Wimbledon'. 


KS2 Panathlon Tournament

On Monday 2nd July, we took 8 pupils to Southfields Academy to take part in different inclusive sports. The children had so much fun laying different games such as, running races, parachute games, boccia, table top tennis and many more. Riversdale did an amazing job and ended up coming 2nd. All of the children won silver medals and have a lovely glass trophy that is up in school! Congratulations.

Year 5/6 World Cup Football Tournament

On Friday 29th June Year 5/6 boys took part in a world cup football tournament held at Wandle Recreation Centre. The boys had the chance to represent Wandsworth borough and played against other boroughs in London. All of the boys played very well and should be proud of what they achieved.

Year 5 Girls Football Tournament

On Friday 29th June Year 5 girls took part in a football tournament held at Southfields Academy. I am very pleased to say the girls came third place and all won bronze medals. They played extremely well and did not loose game. The girls all had great team spirit. Welldone!

Year 6 Bowls

On 25th June, Year 6 children had the chance to play bowls at Wimbledon Park,. All of the children learnt new techniques and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

Quad Kids

Well done to the 10 year 5/6 children who came along to the quad kids competition. During this event the children took part in a 600m run, 75m sprint, standing long jump and vortex throw. The children were scored individually and then the scores were combined to give a final total. Overall we came 4th out of 14 schools who participated. Well done.  

Sports Week

This week the children have enjoyed playing different inclusive sports. This has included: Boccia, Tri Golf, New Age Curling, Wave Boards, Spooner Boards, Fencing, Archery and Ultimate Frisbee. The children have all given great feedback; here are some of the photos from the day:



 Girls Active Day

A group of 4 students from year 5 represented Riversdale primary school at a Girls Active day that was held at Southfields Academy. The aim of the day was to train the children up to become great leaders and role models for their peers to try and encourage more girls to get active and take part in a  range of sports. The children loved their day out and got to meet Olympic athletes who inspired them to help other girls get active. 


KS2 Basketball Tournament

Congratulations to the Riversdale B (Year 5) team who came second in their group stage. Furthermore, congratulations to Riversdale A team (Year 6) who won their group stage and got through to the finals of the competition. It was an extremely close game and Riversdale lost out by one point in the last 10 seconds of the match! All the children should be very pleased with themselves; there was some great basketball being played and great team spirit on the courts!

KS2 Cricket Toournament

Welldone to all the children who played in the cricket tournament on Tuesday 22nd May at Spencer Cricket club! I am pleased to say we are now through the the quarter finals of the competition which will be held on the 6th June! Welldone Riversdale you were all amazing!

Chess Tournament

Welldone to Riversdale Primary School for their great effort when playing chess against Sheringdale Primary School! They all had a great time and can not wait for the next competition!

KS2 Gymnastics Competition

Congratulations to all the children who took part in the gymnastics competition held at Southfields Academy on Wednesday 2nd May. The children put lots of hard work in, in order to learn their routines which really paid off! Overall, Riversdale came 4th in both the Year 3/4 competition and 5/6 competition out of 20 schools in Wandsworth; which is a fantastic achievement! Everyone should be extremely proud of what they have achieved!

Year 6 Bikeability

During the weeks in March and April Year 6 children have taken part in bikeability training. The main aim of the course was to allow the children to be able to make a short journey in a safer manner and be more aware of road safety issues when riding a bike on the road. All of the children commented on how much they enjoyed the course and what a great success it was!

Year 3/4 Athletics

On 29th March Year 3/4 took part in an athletics competition held at Southfields Academy. All of the children did exceptionally well and they should all be very proud of themselves. A special mention to Kyla Capobianco for overall winning the Triple Jump and Kyla Graham for overall winning the Vertical High Jump. 

FanFest @ Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

Congratulations to those children who took part in a fun day packed with lots of inclusive sporting activities such as; cricket, blind football, goal ball and sitting volleyball. We all had lots of fun!

Year 4/5/6 Netball Tournament

On Wednesday 7th February we took 8 children to participate in the Wandsworth Netball Tournament held at Burntwood School. The players all played very well and showed great spirit and teamwork. 

Year 5/6 Girls Football Tournament

On Wednesday 31st January Year 5/6 girls played their first football tournament at Southfields against other local schools. The girls won 4 out of their 5 games which was fantastic. Overall, Riversdale came second in their group which they should all be immensely proud of.

Year 6 'Play On Ref' Leadership Course

Play on Ref is a leadership course supported by Chelsea FC. The course encourages children to take up the challenge to referee small sided games and mini tournaments. It gives pupils the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge as a referee through a structured development pathway. Furthermore, the pupils are able to experience the enjoyment as a referee at an early stage of their development and enhance their leadership skills.


 Year 5/6 Wandsworth Football Competition

On the 28th November, year 5 and 6 boys took part in a Wandsworth football competition against local schools. We played 4 matches; in our first match we lost 1-0, in our second match we unfortunately conceded a late goal in the last few seconds of the game. However, in our third match we won 3-0 and in our final match we won 6-0. The boys played exceptionally well and should all be very proud of themselves.

Panathlon Festival

On Thursday 2nd November we took 8 children to Southfields Academy to take part in the annual Panathlon Festival. The children were able to take part in lots of different sports which they all thoroughly enjoyed. Overall it was a great success and all of the children received a medal for their efforts!


Year 5/6 Football Competition

On Friday 6th October we took 10 children to Southfields Academy to take part in the annual Football Competition. The children put in some fantastic performances and the team’s determination and sportsmanship was amazing. Overall, we won 2 games, drew 1 and lost one; which meant we finished joint 2nd within our group. A big well done to all those involved who should be proud of their performances!

Year 5/6 Wandsworth Water Polo Tournament 

On Thursday 23rd February six children from years 5/6 represented the school at the annual Wandsworth Water Polo Tournament. It was a fun and relaxed environment in which the children played two friendly matches against Honeywell and Granard Primary School. Unfortunately we lost the first game to Granard but then won the second game 6-2 against Honeywell. Top scorer on the day was Uzair with around 10 goals and another stand-out player was our goalkeeper Ruweyda who made some fantastic saves throughout. Well done everyone! 

Year 5/6 Wandsworth Netball Competition

On Wednesday 8th February we took 7 children to Burntwood School to take part in the annual Wandsworth Netball Competition. We started in a group of four schools and had to play three matches against the other schools in our group. We ended up drawing two games and losing one. The children put in some fantastic performances and were really unlucky not to make it through to the quarter-final stage. Every game we were actually winning at half-time. A big well done to all those involved who should be proud of their performances!


Year 5/6 Gymnastics Competition with Wimbledon Park

On Friday 27th January we held at Gymnastics Competition with Wimbledon Park for 12 girls and boys in year 5/6. The children had to compete in the vault and a floor routine, both of which they will have to perform at the Wandsworth Gymnastics Competition in a couple of months time. All of the team did an absolutely fantastic job, trying their best and winning lots of medals/certificates in the process. Well done to all involved! And a big thank you to all the helpers on the day who made the event possible.


Year 4/5 Football Festival 

On Thursday 8th December nine Year 4/5 children played in friendly Football matches against various schools at Southfields Academy. They drew their matches against Sheringdale and Swaffield and lost one game against St Michaels. 


 Year 4 Tennis v Swaffield

On Wednesday 30th November eight children in Year 4 took part in some friendly Tennis matches against children from Swaffield Primary School at King George’s Park. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and there was some fantastic tennis on show!


Primary Panathlon Competition

On Wednesday 16th November nine children represented the school at the annual Primary Panathlon competition held at Southfields Academy. They all had a fantastic day undertaking all the various sporting activities and were rewarded for their efforts with bronze medals. 

Year 5/6 Football v Swaffield

On Tuesday 15th November sixteen of our Year 5/6 children played two football matches against Swaffield Primary School. One of our teams won their game 5-0 with the other team winning their game 5-3. Well done!! 

Year 3/4 Netball v Wimbledon Park

On Monday 14th November fourteen children in Years 3/4 did excellently representing the school in some small-sided friendly Netball matches with Wimbledon Park Primary School.

Year 3/4 Football v Wimbledon Park

On Friday 4th November twelve children in Years 3/4 did excellently representing the school in some small-sided friendly Football matches with Wimbledon Park Primary School. 

Year 5/6 Netball v Swaffield

On Wednesday 2nd November nine of our children played a netball match against Swaffield Primary School and did amazing to win the game 5-3! 

Wandsworth Football Tournament

On Thursday 6th September we took a team of eight year 5/6 boys to play in the Wandsworth Football Tournament. With 32 primary schools competing, it was a tough tournament to play in with lots of strong teams. We competed in a group of eight schools and had to play seven matches altogether. We won three games, drew three games and lost one, only conceding one goal all competition. This meant that we finished 3rd in our group, just missing out on progressing through to the quarter finals (1st and 2nd go through). The boys did a great job, had a brilliant attitude throughout and should be proud of their achievement. Well done all!


Wandsworth Cross-Country Competition

On Wednesday 5th October seven children in years 5/6 took the trip to Tooting Bec Common to compete for the school in the Wandsworth Cross-Country Competition. They had to run 1500m in a race against lots of children from other schools. There were almost 100 runners in every race category: year 5 girls, year 5 boys, year 6 girls and year 6 boys. The children did a superb job at pacing their run to all come in the top half of all the runners competing. They showed fantastic teamwork, dedication and determination to do well, and should all be pleased with their performances. A special mention goes to Isla who came an amazing 7th position out of all 100 girls competing in the year 5 race. Well done all!

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