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World Book Day Summary

Sunday, March 11, 2018

On Thursday March 1st, reading fever took over Riversdale! Along with many other schools across the world, we celebrated World Book Day with a series of fantastic book centred events.

The festivities actually began two weeks before, with an introduction to this year’s World Book Day text: “Journey” by Aaron Becker. Each class across the school, was given a page from the book to discuss, before reading the story. The children explored the images, predicting what the story may be about. based on what they could see. As well as this, they produced a huge poster, including adjectives, adverbs, preposition phrases and noun phrases, to describe the image with their best engaging vocabulary.


Throughout the two weeks prior to World Book Day, the children read the book and used this as a stimulus for their own writing. The children were fascinated by the images and because there were no words, they felt that they could be as imaginative as they wanted. Year 6 teacher, Steven, explained that “when the children discovered that it was part of a trilogy, they all wanted to read the next instalments.” The school saw summaries, alternative endings, journal entries and many other exciting pieces of writing being produced. These were some of the most amazing pieces of writing from each child and all of the teachers are very proud of what the students were able to produce.

On World Book Day itself, the staff and children arrived at school in their fabulous costumes, each one portraying a character from their favourite books. Many even brought copies of these in to share with their classes. “I loved the costumes. Seeing all of the different characters made me wonder what books they were from, and I wanted to know more,” stated a Year 5 student. We found a number of Hogwarts residents, a multitude of Wallys and an evil queen with six dwarves… what happened to the seventh?


During their break times, the children combed the school with the aim of finding sections of “Journey” that had been hidden in plain sight. Each child took part in the treasure hunt, trying to win the coveted book voucher prize. A Year 6 student was quoted as saying, “the idea of a treasure hunt, all about the school book, was great. I had so much fun looking around the school. It was a fantastic atmosphere because we all helped each other out.” The winner was announced in assembly the following day. A huge well done to Yasmin in Year 6 for being the first to find all twelve of the book extracts.

These were not the only activities on World Book Day. The students all participated in a fabulous book swap. A huge number of children brought in books that they no longer wanted or thought that other people would get joy from and placed these in the middle hall. Throughout the day, children excitedly made their way to the middle hall to take another book in return. A number of them were able to find a book that they had never read, some that they had never even heard of, allowing them to experience something new.

The entire World Book Day process was fantastic this year and the English team could not be happier with the results. Look out for some more fabulous reading and writing centred whole school events, including Shakespeare’s Birthday and an awesome writing competition.

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