July Online Safety Guide of the Month

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This month, we have selected two online safety guides. Both of these guides come from National Online Safety and focus on Online Bullying and Relationships.

In honour of England reaching the Euro Finals, the guides we have selected have a football theme.

July 2021 - Let's Tackle Online Hate Together

In the first guide, we look at how online hate can affect anyone. Sharing hateful messages about individuals, groups or communities online can have serious consequences and the ubiquity of social media means it’s now even easier to target people all over the world. It’s important children know how to respond and how they can set a positive example. The Euros, which welcome 24 teams from 24 different countries, playing it out in 11 cities across 1 continent, are a fantastic opportunity to celebrate different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs – and the perfect way to deliver one universal message – let’s tackle online hate together.

In the guide, you'll find tips on a number of tips such as talking to trusted adults about upsetting things, setting a positive example online and remembering that you have the power to shape your online world.

July 2021 - Online Fair Play 

Alongside individual skill, impressive teamwork and some truly epic matches, one of the most enjoyable things about this summer’s European football championships has been the sense of sportsmanship and fair play. Players have competed fiercely, but they’ve (mostly) remembered that they’re representing their country – and that bad behaviour, dangerous play or outright cheating tends to last in people’s memories for a long time after tournaments are over. The same is true of how we act online – one error of judgement or loss of control might only take a second, but can have results that are difficult to forget. Instead, just like the heroes of the Euros, we should aim for people to see us and feel proud and inspired. So, in a five-a-side line-up (with five “dos” and five “don’ts”), here are our top tips for playing fair online.

In this guide, you'll find tips on a number of potential risks such as online strangers, hurtful messages and an overspending of time online.

For guides covering different aspects of online safety, including social media and mental health, visit the school's dedicated online safety page here

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