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The staff at Riversdale have the best interests of the children in mind. Our aim is to ensure that all children under our care, have the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential and harness their individuality.

We respect the rights and responsibilities of all global citizens, and to this end, we ask that all staff members are referred to by their first names.

Below is a list of our staff and their roles within the school; if you have any questions or concerns about your child and their progress, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Senior Leadership Team

Amy Roberts - Headteacher
Carla Myrie - Deputy Head Teacher
Tracey Tattersall - Assistant Head Teacher
Steven Sousa - Assistant Head Teacher

Teaching Staff (EYFS)

Helen - Nursery Teacher
Katy - Sunshine Teacher
Tracey & Fartuun - Rainbow Teacher

Teaching Staff (KS1)

Sophie - Sapphire Teacher
Gillian - Emerald Teacher
Nahid - Pearl Teacher
Tom - Ruby Teacher
Oana - Gems KS1

Teaching Staff (KS2)

Henry - Diamond Teacher
Camilla - Topaz Teacher
Moby - Amber Teacher
Basil - Peridot Teacher
Shukurat - Amethyst Teacher
Sienna - Quartz Teacher
Steven - Garnet Teacher
Grace - Opal Teacher
Rachel D - Gems KS2

Teaching Staff (Whole School)

Anja - Art Teacher
Lorren - Drama Teacher
Claire - PE Teacher
Enrique - Spanish Teacher
Arlene - SCAT Teacher
Hazel - SCAT Teacher
Sally - KS1 Music Teacher
John - KS2 Music Teacher

Support Staff

Lesley - Nursery Nurse / Teacher
Hana - SENCo Support Teacher / Teaching Assistant
Sandra M - Learning Mentor
Naomi - Play Therapist
Aaron - Learning Support Assistant
Alex - Learning Support Assistant
Bindu - Learning Support Assistant
Charlotte - Learning Support Assistant
Marianne - Learning Support Assistant
Mohamed - Learning Support Assistant
Sofia - Learning Support Assistant
Zunaira - Learning Support Assistant
Amy S - Teaching Assistant
Devauna - Teaching Assistant
Ejiro - Teaching Assistant
Felicia - Teaching Assistant
Isabelle - Teaching Assistant
Kirsty - Teaching Assistant
Latifa - Teaching Assistant
Nadia - Teaching Assistant
Natalie - Teaching Assistant
Rachel E - Teaching Assistant
Sameena - Teaching Assistant
Sandra H - Teaching Assistant
Shamaila - Teaching Assistant
Stacey - Teaching Assistant
Timea - Teaching Assistant
Zahra - Teaching Assistant

Administrative & Premises Staff

Bernadette - SAO
Rachel H - Admin Officer
Lorren - Office
Sharon - Office
Svenja - Office
Fernando - Premises Officer
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