Appendix to the Online Safety and Safeguaring Children Policies relating to COVID-19

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Due to unexpected circumstances, the following appendix can not be added to the relevant policies but will be in due course.

Appendix to the Safeguarding and Online Safety Policies in response to COVID-19:

Online Safety and Providing Off Site Teaching

All staff who interact with children and young people, including online, will continue to look out for signs a child may be at risk.

Online teaching should follow usual principles for safe and acceptable use of technology. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Acceptable use of technologies
  • Staff pupil/student online relationships
  • Communication, including the use of social media
  • Minimum expectations
  • Online safety
  • Essential rules for remote teaching

The school has communicated basic information to parents where online learning platforms are being used which has included:

  • Confirmation of online tools and or sites that the school will be using/if using
  • Confirmation of what the child may be asked to do online
  • Confirmation as to who their child will be interacting with online
  • Confirmation as to whether other pupils will be able to access their child via the online platform
  • Allowing the parent or carer the opportunity to voice any concerns
  • The importance of not leaving the child alone during screen time
  • Monitoring the search history
  • Maintaining open communication with the child about online safety

How to report a concern 

Parents and carers have also been provided with details/links to support services via the school website e.g. ThinkUKnow, Safer Internet Centre, and National Online Safety Website etc.

The school recognises that not all children will have access to a computer or internet facilities in the home, and has ensured that age appropriate resources have been provided for any child who needs them.


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